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Hey, faggets

2011-10-24 03:19:08 by BenKNG

Okay, expect a couple of animation studies uploaded to the art portal by me. Really need to work on my animation theory, so i decided to download some(more than needed) animations that i adore and have great animation. After downloading almost every single Warner Brothers animation ever made, Art if "spirited away", all 5 seasons of ren and stimpy, and the first season of Flapjack, I am BOOKED.

Check out my Marc Antony the Bulldog study of the old WB cartoons: Here.

peep the size of my animation folder with all the above listed cartoons:

Hey, faggets


2011-10-04 19:17:31 by BenKNG

I find it horrible that im still in highschool and have to cling to my past of the old Cartoon Network...

Lets evaluate the main cartoon lineup on CN, shall we:
Adventure Time
Regular Show
Ben 10
Destroy, Build, Destroy (Seriously?!)
The Amazing World of Gumball

There's more, but this is their evening lineup in a nutshell; I admit, i enjoy Adventure Time and Regular show every now and then, but even those shows sometimes can be poorly made. They seem to appeal to the "random comedy' bits, which is alright with me. If done right, some episodes are quite appealing,

Whatsup fags and faggets.

2011-08-23 00:41:20 by BenKNG

Embrace it, fellow NGers! Expect great animated content coming out from here SOON. Full Length animations, Collabs, Short Films, and everything your wee little heart(and brain) desires!

If needing to contact PM me here, or email me at


--BenKNG, Creator and creative director at FDS